Top Blogging Mistake


Top Blogging Mistake

I Started My Blog Before Some Months Ago I Have Lot’s Of Experience In My Another Blog But I Did Some Mistake

When I Was Beginner In Blogging It Was Very Harmful To Me And My Blog You Must Know

These Top Blogging Mistake So You Can Grow Your Blog Easily And Earn Money From Blog

Here I Share Top Blogging Mistake That Most Of The Bloggers Do  You Must Know About These Top Blogging Mistake


Don’t Start A Blog On A Free Blog Website Or Platform

If You Want To Make Money From Your Blog And If You Looking Your Career In Blog So You Must Follow This

Do Not Create Or Start Your Blog Domain Name On Free Website

Most Of The People Like To Use Free Domain Name Platform To Create Blog For Save Money But If You Follow

The Same Way So You Can Not Get Good Domain Authority And May You Face Lot’s Of Issue While Monetizing Your Blog

You Can Not Earn Money From Your Blog Without Monetizing So Remember This Thing

Create High Authority Name Domain So That You Can Easily Monetize Your Blog And It Help To Grow Your Blog

In Case If You Already Started Blog On A Free Platform

 If You Already Did So Don’t Worry First You Need To Do Is Collect Your Website All Data Contain In Your PC Then

Remove From That Website And Restore On Your New Domain Name Website So That You Can Save Your Lot’s OF Time

And You Can Grow Your Blog And Monetize Your Blog Easily\

Do Not Ignore/Forget Social Media Traffic

Social Media Is The World Largest And Big Platform Where We Can Share Any Post Video And Website Like Easily

Most OF The Blog Gets High Number Of Traffic From Social Media

You Must Know And Use All Social Media Useful Platform Because If You’re Recently Create Your Blog

So You Must Use Social Media Advantage Because It Is Very Important For Get New Traffic And Grow Your Blog

Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest These Social Media Platforms Is Very Useful For Get Traffic You Must Create Blog Account On These Platforms

Don’t Give Up, Have Patient

Always Remember This Thing Do Not Give Up Do Not Lose Your Interest Always Create New Post And You Must Have Patient

Because Patient Is Very Important In Any Business If You Don’t Have Patient So You Won’t Grow Your Blog

And Earn Money From Blog Don’t Count And Remember Your Failure Data Just Try To Learn From Failure

So You Must Create Blog And Post On Regular Basis

Don’t Apply For Monetize Early

Most Of The Blogger Wants To Monetize Their Blog Fast So That They Can Earn Money And Most Of Bloggers Do Same Mistake

They Create Blog And After Some Days They Apply For Google AdSense And Other Monetize Platform Before Wait Some Time

But Google Does Not Give Monetization Because Google See Your Blog Created Date And Post And Traffic

So Most Of Bloggers Get Disappointed For This Issue They Do Not Remember This This You Must Know About

This Issue First Create Blog And Give Time To Your Blog And

Create Post And Contain On Regular Basis So You Can Easily Monetize You Blog At One Time

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